Another sign that our society is collapsing like ancient Rome

In the latest sign of America’s continued falling behind of the rest of the world, another foreign country has used technology to push past the USA in a specific industry where we have dominated for decades. Thinking perhaps of China and manufacturing? Or India and computer programming? Maybe even Canada and comedy? Nope, it’s those darn Brazilians and their iPod-enabled hookers!

A Brazilian entrepreneur has developed a site where prostitutes can post little 3-4 minute clips, describing themselves and their services to anyone who pays to join. Those people can then download their favorite clips to their iPods for later viewing*. Apparently, the hookers who use this service get 3-4 times the customers in a day as those who don’t, prompting improved sales and, no doubt, better customer “satisfaction”.

My question is: where are America’s hookers in all this? Didn’t we *invent* the internet?! How is it that our hookers are still resorting to analog media like trading cards and the yellow pages to get the word out on the street? America, it’s time to recognize that there is a rapidly-growing hooker gap in the world and we’re on the wrong end!

Where’s some federal funding when the nation really needs it!

* Don’t even get me started on the euphemism potential of that statement…


Kay said…
So do the downloads come with virus protection, or just the hoes?
grrrbear said…
Good point, Kay. Given that they are both from Brazil, one wonders if *either* would.