Pretty + Rich = Happiness, right?

By now, many of you have already heard about the Craigslist posting from a woman in NYC requesting information about how to find rich men to date. And you may have heard about the hullabaloo that her posting created. All over the internet this posting was repeated to much ridicule. Pretty much everyone decried this woman as a gold-digging idiot. And as you can see in the link above, there were a number of responses to the posting where various "witty" men replied how there was little "business sense" in making such an arrangement. Obviously, the woman pulled her posting down, but it was too late. Caught up in the internet version of a "b*tchhunt", the woman's story got passed around on Digg, Reddit, etc until it became a 'net legend.

The way I see it, the woman made just one main mistake: she posted her inquiry on a site full of nerds. Sure, Craigslist has become a pretty commonplace site these days, but it's still full of regular people - the ones who were awkward in high school, who were afraid of talking to the pretty girl, who went to prom - but maybe not with the girl they spent four years dreaming about. Maybe *that* girl was cruel and snobby, maybe she just ignored him. So when this woman made her posting, describing herself as "beautiful" (but acting incredibly shallow) it was like throwing chum into shark-infested waters. Suddenly, all the nerds (who, in true nerd form had been successful post-high school) couldn't wait to get back at her, with predictable results.

Why do I bring this up? Well, I've been fascinated by how visceral the response was to this woman, who had done nothing more than honestly describe what society knew anyway - there are some women out there who are attracted to rich men. It's not like this is some terrible secret, after all. But her only mistake was in doing it so openly in a space that is largely considered public. She would have been much better off (and had much better results) had she done this in a more selective space. For example, consider this link, which I saw an actual ad for on some news site I was reading. When I first saw the ad, I was pretty sure it was a joke - a comic parody of some of the sites out there that claim to be dating sites, but are really just hook-up, escort, or outright hooker sites*. But looking around, as ridiculous as it appears, it's also kind of disturbing. But at least that site claims to be a dating site. If you look up at the corner, you'll see a "sister site" which is basically a site for young attractive women to find rich men who will just give them money becaus they are hot. The amounts vary, but range up to "over $20,000 monthly". Because even shallow girls, apparently, have standards.

In the end, that is what makes the whole thing with the Craigslist posting so interesting for me. Because that girl did nothing wrong other than apparently picking the wrong website to start her search. If she had just found one of these other two sites first, she'd probably be pulling down $20k per month for nothing other than being a "personal secretary"! Sweet deal huh?

* I'm looking at you, And no, I'm not going to link to you, who knows where you've been?


J-Vo said…
Clearly, she should have joined
grrrbear said…
Ooo... I hadn't heard of that one. Is it real? [Too nervous to try investigating at work, obviously. The IT eyes are *everywhere*!]