What, no McDreamy scrubs?

Hey medical-profession-Ladies!

Are you sad because the writer's strike has hobbled your regular viewing of Grey's Anatomy? Feeling Down because that one hot chick left the show/never worked her baby from Knocked Up into the plotline/still hasn't gotten together with that one hot guy?* Well now you can get yourself through the drought by swapping out those grubby, unflattering** plain ol' scrubs for a fresh new look from Katherine Heigel herself!

There are four different collections in her offering, named after four big cities where medicine is obviously terribly important and fashion-forward: London, Seattle, Los Angeles, and...Connecticut***. From the pictures, each has a different theme:
  • London: "I'm a professional doctor" or "I'm eleven years old!"
  • Seattle: "I'm a hippie!"
  • Connecticut: "I like my pants tight to show off all the time I'm spending at the gym!"
  • Los Angeles: "I may be a medical professional, but these gangsta-themed appliques on my scrubs prove I'm still from the block!"
I don't know, maybe I missed something, but isn't the whole point of scrubs that you don't care about them? I mean, if people start viewing scrubs as high-end fashion will they be less inclined to get blood and entrails over them? If not, then where's the line for men? When can the guys start buying scrubs with their favorite NFL team on them?

* If you haven't figured it out yet, I don't actually watch the show. Well, I did once, at a friend's party, and it was awful. But I got the gist of how things work.
** Women-targeted advertising speak for "makes you look like a heifer"
*** Admit it, Connecticut lost it's state status a long time ago. It's now essentially one big suburb of New York City now.


Spice said…
As disturbed as I am by the idea (and Katherine Heigl in general - especially her chiclet teeth), I think those scrubs are kinda cute...
towwas said…
I agree...there's some cute stuff in there. But it's still fantastically weird that an actual successful Hollywood actress has her name on clothing for medical professionals.
...and do you think that the people in those cities are a little miffed at how cliched the scrubs are? LA gets a hoodie and Seattle only comes in earth tones?
J.Po said…
Okay - that's downright weird. Like, that stuff would look good if it were designed for women's sportswear (i.e. - less scrub-like), but some of those items look strange as scrubs ... like that one shirt with the faux band with buttons on the front. What up, yo?

Some of those pants, though, would make nice work-out wear. Hmmm....
J-Vo said…
Kimora Lee Simmons' line Baby Phat makes scrubs. This is way weirder. At least KLS pretends to be an actual designer for a living, unlike KH, who is pretending to be both an MD and a designer.

No female MD buys her own scrubs. We just wear the hospital-issue type.
J.Bro said…
Connecticut is so no-nonsense! Like, I'm Dr. Greyadith and I'm here to do an ectomy, stat!