An audience of one

I've come *this* close to actually telling some of my friends about this blog but at the last minute changed my mind. And I always feel okay about that afterwards. I figure that if and when I ever decide to emerge from my isolablog lifestyle I'll do it only when I really feel it's appropriate. Besides, I don't know that I've ever written anything that's interesting enough for anyone other than myself to read. What's the point of publishing yourself to the world when you're not saying anything of interest?

I had a dream last night that I lived in this bizarre treehouse/apartment building. I started off living there all by myself and enjoying finding all these secret doors. Then I got a downstairs neighbor who raised potbellied bigs that by the end of the dream had evolved into French Standard Poodles. Meanwhile I found that a bunch of friends of mine fom high school and college were living together in an alley behind the house. There was much drinking involved and my friend Justin passed out while we were throwing some sort of gummy foodstuff at each other. Then I was working on a movie shoot that was filming in some sort of military base. I had to film the arrival of the main actor (in this case, I think it was Will Smith) who was playing the president or something. It was really crowded, and after the scene was finished we had to run to shoot the next scene and it was really pretty chaotic. That's when I woke up. The moral of this story is that I have really bizarre, stream-of-conciousness dreams. Joyce has nothing on me.

Also last night I went out to a farewell fiesta for my dear friend Jenn who is leaving me to go study french literature at Berkeley. She's an absolute sweetie and I will miss her very much. But now I'll have one more reason to go visit the Bay area - I have quite the collection of buddies out there. I'm only sad becuase I wasn't able to stay out very late. I've been so sapped by finishing my paper for my turnarounds class that I hadn't gone to sleep before midnight in about a week. So let me tell you, I got almost 8 hours of sleep last night and I feel like a new man. That's a particularly good thing because I think I was starting to get a cold (had a sorta-sore throat) but this morning I feel okay. This weekend will involve much sleeping I think, as I try to catch up.