Catching up on sleep

I enjoyed 8 hours of sleep last night fro the first time since last weekend. Soo nice. Naturally, though, this means two weird dreams to log.

#1) I ended up going to Cleveland on business for some reason, and my flight got cancelled so I decided to go visit my friend Joe, who has just bought a new condo out there that is supposed to be really cool. When I showed up, I found that it was less like a townhouse and more like a college dorm. And the huge condo that Joe had turned out to be about 800 square feet and painted pink - like a girls dorm. I was a little shocked, but he was so excited about it that I didn't say anything.

#2) This was harder to remember, but I recall being in a big, very nice hotel where there were many elevators, some of which were private, but the keys were left in the hole, so anyone could use them (yes, you used keys to operate the elevators. The public elevators were regular size, but the private ones were only big enough for one person. I was there to meet my friend Joanne to talk about a wedding we're supposed to go to later this year. Then Joanne left to go smoke cigars with this other woman who had a really sophisticated lighter that would reach a million degrees. I then started to leave but ran into my friend Jen and somehow we ended up running from the law through some sort of blade runner-esque future city. Jen got away and I had to crash my futurecar over the edge of some bridge or causeway in order to escape.

Needless to say, I'm all excited to see what happens tonight!