Salvaging an entire day - and failing

I have come to the conclusion that it is really in my best interest that next quarter will be my last in grad school. Not that it hasn't been a great experience and not that I haven't made some absolutely fantastic friends, but I'm just tired. As Madeline Kahn sang in young Frankenstein - "So...Tired". After almost two years of constant reading and putting up with group projects where group members ranges from pretty good to mildly apathetic I'm just fed up with the process. It's not that I don't understand why group projects are all the rage in grad school, and I do appreciate not having to do all the work myself. But it's just mentally exhausting and I don't know how much longer I could hold out. I ended up taking today off work to try and redo my section and I found myself beating back apathy most of the day, which was nice and sunny outside - making it hard to stay focused. I ended up getting it finished around 3:00 and then taking the rest of the afternoon to relax. If only I could nap...

Still, I would kill for a couple hours back to do some readin-for-fun or something that would've gotten me out of the house. Benefit #2 to finishing school = no more having to use vacation days to do homework. Man, to actually *go* somewhere for vacation again...I'm nearly spasmatic with excitement and anticipation.

Wow, lightening's getting really crazy at the moment. I mean it's like the sky's on fire, except with electricity instead of flame. I'd better cut this a little short as I'm just a smidge worried about getting an electrical surge. It's not that I don't trust and love my surge protector, it's just with my luck recently I feel better not playing the odds. I promise I'll be more interesting tomorrow once I've slept off this feeling of non-accomplishment today.