Technology dependance

I was going through my work mail the other day, chucking mass mailings and various industry magazines discussing the miraculous new product developments in door hardware when I got to the envelopes. Now, I have one of those neat little razor-blade letter openers which makes opening the mail fun. I looked in my drawer to find it but it wasn't there! I started to panic, where was the letter opener! What if I had lost it! How would I ever open my mail again!?!?

Then it struck me that I don't, in fact need a letter opener to open letters. A sense of chagrin came over me. Why had I become so dependant on a letter opener? What did this say about me as a man? Or as a human being? I resolved to open my mail sans letter opener...

...but then I found it. I fell off the wagon pretty quick. It's just more fun to open mail with the opener.