Whether 'tis nobler...

There is apparently a competition in my homestate to see who can get pulled over for speeding the most over the speed limit. The current leader was doing 120. This guy is from my hometown, and I'm not sure whether to be proud or ashamed.

The weird thing is that this is *news* where I come from. I mean, if it's in the Strib anywhere that guarantees that it's front page news in the good ol' Alexandria Echo Press. I mean let's examine two example headlines from this week: "Big Fun in Forada" and "City Adopts new Sidewalk Rules". Yup, I come from a crazy place. Somebody doing 120 would be a scandal, there would be town hall meetings where this guy will be alternately hailed as a hero or a menace. Thank goodness school's starting soon so that football can get everybody to focus elsewhere.

For the record, the fastest I've ever driven is 130. I'm not saying where, or whether or not doing so was legal at the time. Regardless, in the end *I'm* the winner. Yay me!