The anthropology of trailer trash

I come from the land of large trailer parks, so I like to think that I know something about their sociology. This is not to say that everyone who lived in mobile housing is "trailer trash" per se. I had some friends of mine who lived in the trailer park. However, amongst the trailers there are two subsegments of society: regular people and true "trailer trash". Let's have some fun and try to improve our understanding of how to spot the latter in the wild, shall we? Take a gander at this and try to note which anthropological markers might identify these folks as "trailer trash" as opposed to their more mainstream bretheren. DO NOT READ AHEAD UNTIL YOU'VE COMPILED YOUR LIST! Unless you are a complete cheater...

1) Keeping an alligator as a the bathtub
2) Living in a mobile home (obviously)
3) Woman in the dispute was a biter
4) Argument started over a lack of alchohol
5) Argument involved throwing of empty beer bottles (trailer trash just leave them out in the event of a fight where they'd need ammo)

The sad thing is that this guy probably thought that using the alligator to attack his girlfriend was an equivalent response. Since she bit him, maybe he didn't have his dentures in and felt it was appropriate to use a surrogate set of teeth...


Spice said…
Hee! It would be awesome to have an alligator on hand to thwack people with!
J.Po said…
I can't wait to see you, but don't start winging alligators at me if you get mad. Stick with licorice, or something else with less sting.