Hairsnatching is not a crime

In my daily perusal of the Minneapolis Star/Tribune (the only paper I read regularly, this despite the fact that I haven't lived in Minnesota since 1997) I ran across this article that will be the topic of my rambling today.

It's time that we, as a society rose up and helped bald men recognize that toupees are the worst idea ever realized. We need to get them into treatment programs, give out free shaving kits, whatever, because these kids are not the problem. Bald men are. Bald men who accept that a toupee is an acceptable thing in society. We should *all* be running up and snatching toupees off the heads of the so-attired. Come on guys, grow up and respect your masculinity! You wouldn't have turned out like that if you hadn't had so gosh darn much testosterone to begin with.

Same thing goes for comb-overs. Only instead of snatching the hair, we should muss it up like they are four year olds.


J.Po said…
J.Po's opinion on this one:
Bald = sexy
Toupee = turn-off
Spice said…
I agree.

I think when a guy starts losing his hair, it's best to go short with rest of it. And toupees - bad. One of the best Queer Eye eps is the one where they make the guy take off his toupee and shave the rest of his hair short - the only problem being his overbearing mom who couldn't deal with it.
J.Bro said…
As a young man losing his hair, I have to give a shout-out to my mom and dad for the genetic gift of a well-shaped noggin. I agree with Spice about the close-shorn look for balding men - it's a look I've come to accept as my lot in life.
grrrbear said…
Hear hear J.Bro. I've been one of the closely cropped for over a year now, and life is so much better.

Something fun for all of us bald guys who are proud is this site -