A turning point

I just figured out that kids starting high school this year, were born during my freshman year of high school. I've hit the halfway point and it's freakin' me out a little bit. Not as much as it did when I turned 20 (I think that no time in my life will be more tempestuous than that, my quarter-life crisis) but still. But still, to think that about half of this year's new high schoolers were born in the 1990's and don't remember anything about the Gulf War, New Kids on the Block, You Can't Touch This, etc. It's mindblowing.

In light of my newfound appreciation for high school nostalgia, I present today's fun website of the day, presented by my dear friend (yes, from high school) Sara. Remember getting your senior pictures and the agony and ecstacy composing little missives on the back to all those who requested one - both those who were our dear friends, and those we only kinda knew? How many times did you use the magic phrases below?

"Stay in touch" (This is the last you'll ever hear from me)
"Remember [insert teacher here]'s class!" (I have nothing else in common with you)
"Best friends forever" (Or until college starts)
"Stay sweet!" (invariably written on almost every senior picture you got from the hot girls who were your friends but didn't want to date you)
"Thanks for being you" (instead of whom?)
"luv ya!" (No I don't but I'm a girl and I can get away with saying this)


Spice said…
The senior pictures were hilarious! And reminded me of how one of mine involved my wearing a purple, maize, and green rugby shirt and laying on my side in front of umbrellas in those exact same colors. How horrifying.
J.Po said…
I remember more about NKOTB that I care to admit.
grrrbear said…
The sad thing about my senior pictures was that I got 4 shots, but only in one of them was I really smiling (because the infernal photographer cracked a joke). I didn't think much of my smile at the time but once I got the prints, the one where I was smiling really did look the best, sadly it was the one I ordered the least of. So I had lots of leftovers of less interesting ones.

Okay, so it wasn't all *that* sad. More annoying than anything else. Anyway. Moving on...