Work-related rambling

So there's been a bit of dearth to figure out what the heck to write in this thing. But then, as I was reading through the archive of the "Washingtonienne" blog [aside - that girl is crazy - I can't believe she's become a celebrity for it I bet she'd still be wallowing in obscurity if she wasn't decent-looking] it struck me that this would be a quick way to just email everyone about stuff going on. Which seems a more practical thing than using it as a repository for musings. So, I'll probably have to actually tell people about this. I hope their hopes aren't high, it doesn't make my life any more interesting.

Today's commentary on weird news. Ordinarily, I would think that the person who tried to pass off this counterfeit bill was an idiot. But then again, the store actually seems to have accepted it! Still, I have to give mad props to the woman for the thoroughness of her design. I mean she changed every single part of the bill: denomination, person depicted, serial number, building shown on the back, signatures. Damn...that's good stuff!

I love wednesdays because it's breakfast burrito day at the work cafeteria. Mmmm...sets the tone for my whole day.