I am starting to hit "the wall" with school. Maybe it's that there's other parts of my life starting to emerge and develop but I just am tired of the whole academic thing. Thank goodness I actually enjoy my classes this term. If I was this academically fatigued in classes I was apathetic (or even just ambivalent) about my drive would completely fail.

Tomorrow I get to go to a retinal specialist to check out what my opthamologist called "Probable Ocular Histoplasmisis Syndrome" that we caught on my eyes a couple weeks back. He says it's probably nothing to worry about, that something like 90% of people in the Ohio and Mississippi river valleys have it, but it's something that should be monitored. So I'm not worried, but for a day or so (between the regular eye checkup and my appointment with the opthamologist) I was a little worried. Just makes one realize how close we sometimes come, and appreciate my sense of vision all the more - even if it is something like 20/500 or something.

Afterwards I'm going to a "First Rehearsal Cocktail Reception" at the theater group I want to do board work for. it's part opening rehearsal for their next show (Arcadia, by Tom Stoppard) and part reception for the board and big donors. Such a grownup thing to do. I hope there's someone there who's remoely my age. After that, I'm making arrangements with the girl to choose a halloween party to go to this weekend. I've already found a couple of good candidates, but one needs to see which she will find most appealing.