So it's my birthday today. I've now officially reached the 3rd full decade of life. Or is it 4th? I mean, if I'm 30 then I've *completed* three decades and have started my 4th, right? Barbie was right, math is hard...

Turning 30 is nowhere near as scary as the sitcoms or other girl-centric media would have you believe. I feel the same way I did yesterday, still look the same, and nothing seems different about the world. I think I actually had a harder time turning 20 than I did 30.

Notable things that have happened on my birthday that I can name off the top of my head:

1) Challenger Disaster (yeah, that was a *great* birthday...)
2) USA for Africa records "We Are the World"
3) Sarah McLaughlin born
4) Alan Alda born
5) King Henry VIII died
6) The US Coast Guard founded
7) Two Boy-Band members born: Joey Fattone and Nick Carter
8) Diet of Worms began (where Martin Luther was declared an outlaw by the Catholic Church)

Any others?


Spice said…
I had a colleague once who argued that you become fully formed sometime around 25 - thus the 20 thing is a lot harder than the 30 thing, because at 30 you've been the way you are for a while and are more comfortable in your own skin. Still, I find it really weird that I'm _30_!

In any case, happy birthday! And welcome to the club.

Also, you have quite an illustrious list of birthday-date events. All I've got is Tupac dying. Plus Roald Dahl, Nell Carter, and Peter Cetera. But having a birthday that is more-than-a-little close to 9/11, I'm kind of okay with having a mundane day instead. I thanked my mom for holding out for two more days (I was already two weeks late).
J.Po said…
Given the boy-band theme in your birthday list, I'm surprised you weren't a New Kid on the Block. But then, you didn't grow up in boston and your last name isn't Knight. DO NOT ASK why I know these details.

On Sept. 22, 1975....
- Gerald Ford escaped an assasination attempt in San Francisco (does that explain my current location?)
- Famous rapper Mystikal was born

I share my birthday with some other famous sorts:
Joan Jett (YESSSSSS!), Tommy Lasorda, Nick Cave, and Subira the cheetah.