Let it snow...okay stop.

Well, it had started snowing last night about the time I was going home for work. By the time I got home it was starting to accumulate some. But by the time I woke up this morning there was about 6-7 inches of the light fluffiness everywhere. It took me about 45 minutes to brush off the deck and back stairs, followed by shoveling the sidewalks (which is my responsibility as condo president and gentleman since my downstairs neighbor is quite pregnant). I love driving in the snow though. With my all-wheel drive and snow tires my little car is unstoppable. Makes me feel good to see people with the big pickup trucks getting stuck. I cackle gleefully as I pass them.

Yes, pickup trucks in Chicago get stuck a lot. Why? Because people here just want to *look* tough, but they are cheap, so they all buy 2-wheel drive versions which are cheaper. And since 2WD trucks are rear-wheel drive only, they can't drive in show worth a darn. I mock them.

Anyway, it's still snowing and worse is that we're supposed to get another 6 inches during the day today. So I'll be shoveling again tomorrow morning, if not tonight when I get home. Oh well, at least I'm getting my workout.


J.Po said…
I'm so glad you're back! Dude! Keep it up!