Fight road rage

In Chicago, there is a particularly high incidence of horrific drivers. So I can understand why road rage is becoming all the rage these days. One thing I see all the time here that irritates me is at intersections where drivers pull up on the right side at a red light (where people turn left) and then do a jackrabbit start to try and cut around the other cars, back into the main lane. This is just stupid and there were times in my youth when I was in front I would simply accelerate as fast as they do and not let them in. I fully realize that this made me as big a moron as them, but I was young and stupid.

Anyway, this morning on my way to work some kid in a Chrysler intrepid zooms up behind me as I'm driving down North Ave, zipping between lanes as me and the car next to me are driving about the same speed. Apparently this irritated him to no end because he couldn't get around us, so he pulled the "use the turnlane" at a red light, and had to floor his car to get past me. Apparently he was very irritated by my lack of speed, because he turned to me and was yelling something and gesticulating wildly. I thought about yelling something back or giving him the ol' one-finger salute. But then I thought it would be more fun to play with him. I simply blew him a little kiss and gave him a flirty little wave in the most "flame-on" manner I could think of. His response was priceless. It's totally worth doing next time someone thinks you cut them off. Although it probably is more effective when you share a gender.

In other news, last night I had my first experience hiring a plumber. I've dealt with plumbers before, but it was only for units I was renting and where I didn't have to pay for their services. But the spa tub had stopped working and I wanted to get it fixed since it was not even two years old. So this guy (who I'll call "Plumber Jim") comes over and proceeds to attack my tub with the grim determination of a rabid pit bull. It was amazing. But so much because the work he was doing was incredibly difficult but because it was really hard to get the motor out of underneath the tub. I would have given up after about 15-20 minutes, but he kept plugging away at it until he had dislodged the motor housing. And he was a nice guy too. Lots of pomade and a mini-mullet, but still cool about showing me how stuff worked and what to disconnect and when. So that the next time this happens I think I'll know what to do. Kind of fun actually. And he didn't charge me a kajillion dollars. So if any of you in Chicago need a plumber, I recommend calling Jim if you need any plumbing done (773-851-0273).


J.Bro said…
Most of the right-turn lanes in Madison double as bike lanes, and it angers me mightily when some motorist decides that considering a right turn sometime that afternoon gives him or her permission to drive in the bike lanes for miles at a stretch. I usually don't have any trouble keeping up with city traffic, but I'll often ride slowly on purpose as a deterrent.
grrrbear said…
That would seem very dangerous to have turn lanes for cars doubling as bike lanes. Maybe it's part of the Madison-esque level of tolerance for all other people. In NYC, for example I think bicyclists would just get run over. Probably also in Pamplona, as I hear those bulls are terrible drivers.