It all hinges on what I can get a handle on

The workweek has not started off on the best of feet. For starters, as I was walking into the building this morning I realized that I had taken the wrong set of keys this morning, leaving me with neither my key fob to get into the building nor the keys to my desk drawers. This left me with a feeling of abject powerlessness. But only until I was able to follow other people into the building. As for my desk drawers, I'm still facing that conundrum. I suppose I could go around the department asking other people if they have the same key number as me and eventually find someone who does. But that's just embarrassing.

Besides, today I get out of the office for almost the entire day. It's the first time in weeks that I've been able to travel anywhere. On the docket today is what is sure to be a thrilling trip to a manufacturer of piano hinges, where I'll get to see how they are made and talk with them about new types of hinges that are being developed. I always like the plant tour parts of these visits, it's neat to see how stuff gets made. I mean, yes, hinges aren't the most complex thing in the world but it's still interesting. After the hinge company we're going to visit a manufacturer of pull handles, which I'm sure will be "gripping". Hopefully I'll be gone long enough that I can just go home when I get back. That way my key failure this morning won't haunt me throughout the day.

Last night I discovered that the GF is completely infatuated with my old-school Nintendo. She's way better at getting extra lives at the end of Super Mario Brothers 2 than I ever was. Anyway I have a number of games that I have aquired over the years and of my original games (i.e. those not purchased via ebay 2 years ago) the onyl one I haven't beat was Friday the 13th, which I have determined is the most difficult video game ever created. It's impossible to beat and I hate it. More on this later but we're getting ready to head out for hinge-land. Woo-hoo!


J.Po said…
Dude - that key story is pretty funny. Today I wish I had your job...first, because unemployment is beginning to drag on and second, I LOVE watching how things are made. My favorite part of Mr. Roggers' Neighborhood was when Mr. McFieley (sp?) delivered a VHS about the making of one thing or another. 'How Crayons Are Made' ranks as one of my faves and is what I attribute as the stimulus for my interest in color and art.
glacierman said…
Well my old school Nintendo isn't used much, but my wife keeps on insisting to put Mortal Kombat II in the Super Nintendo. I just can't figure it out, she keeps on kicking my ass as Jax of all characters.
J.Bro said…
The Legend of Zelda series (except II - ugh to the side-scrolling) for the NES and SNES was the finest set of video games ever made. A Link to the Past holds up particularly well and still provides hours o' nerdy fun.