It has begun!

Well, I finally did it. After thinking about it and experimenting with having a small number of friends "in the know" about the existance of this, the world's dullest blog, I have sent out the mass-email to pretty much everyone I know that would be remotely interested in knowing what's going on in my life telling them where this is. This should be interesting. There could be any number of people who actually take advantage of the fact to interact with me again, from family to friends from work to my best friend from junior high. It's a little scary, but exciting. Who knows what will happen now? I've never had many of my friends get to galk to each other before...much less given them access to my parents. Should be fun...


Spice said…
I understand how that goes. I've been keeping the circle relatively small - I hadn't even told my mom about my blog since I didn't really think she would want to read about the random crap that happens to me (however, I did tell my cousin, who then told my mom, who was a little miffed that she found out so circuitously - oops!). But you'll probably find, as I did, that there are some folks who will read it often, and other people who will read it often but you won't know it (because they won't comment - but will occasionally mention to you that they actually do read it), and some people who will read it once or twice, tell you that they love it, and then never read it again.

I've been struggling with how much to link my blog to my own life - should I put a link to my web page on it? Should I put a link to my blog on my web page? And I'm thinking no, since I want the freedom to complain about professors and whatnot. It's weird that I sort of feel more comfortable with someone I don't know at all reading it than certain people I actually know.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing more commenters, and if any of those new commenters know me, hi to them!
Tho art an odd, odd, odd little duck.

Must run in the family.

This seems surefire neat, yet I doubt I'll ever seriously have the time to try it out in the near future. After the near future becomes the notsodistant past, I'll have completely forgotten about all this. Until that time, well done, carry on!
J.Po said…
Rock on with your bad self!