What to do, what to do, what to do?

For whatever reason, my company gives us the day off today for Good Friday. We don't get any other fringe or bank holiday off during the year (e.g. Martin Luther King Jr Day, President's Day, Columbus Day, etc), but we get Good Friday off. Go figure. Not that I mind, really. I'll take a day off any way I can get it. I'd go plant a dozen trees for Arbor Day if they'd give me the day off.

Normally, I'd really look forward to an entire day with no plans or responsibilities. But today's kind of a lousy day outside (cold and rainy/snowy). I ran a bunch of errands (nothing worth writing about - condo association business mostly), and had the car into the shop to get a bunch of work done that's been accumulating over the last few months. But in general most of my day has been spent watching TLC and reading the biography on Teddy Rooseveldt I picked up at Borders about a month ago. I'm so far behind on my reading it's crazy. I've got this book, my friend BL's novel (just published last month - go buy it!), Paco Underhill's book on consumer psychology, and a book on strategic decision making. Sheesh, where did all those come from?

Tonight I'm taking the GF and a friend of her's in town to a play that the theater group I'm involved with is putting on. This is the glamorous and exciting part of doing board work for a non-profit. The hand-addressing party I'm going to next week is the not so exciting part. Although I've already warned the managing director that my handwriting is similar to that of a 5 year old boy. That got me out of addressing, but I'll be stuffing envelopes instead. Woo-hoo!


Spice said…
Speaking of BL, I read the recent Voice article about her, which discussed her 'Tonian column. And I was like "Hey! I gave her that column!" as I was an opinions editor at the time. There was some controversy about that because she was a frosh, but the other editor and I thought she was a pretty good writer and a refreshing change from the student-government tools that kept hounding us to let them have a column. (Which later led to the short-lived 'Tonian competitor The Advocate.)

Anyway, I feel pretty good about having had a (very) small part in fostering the career of a big-name chick-lit author. It makes all those years in student journalism seem a little bit more worthwhile. In addition to BL's success, it was apparent in the Voice that there were actually some folks out there who read the 'Tonian!
mysteryperson said…
I think I'd rather address envelopes than stuff them. Paper cuts and tedium, you know. At least with the addresses there is oportunity to make fun of people's names. Unfortunately, at my last job I was banned from addressing the company Christmas cards because I, too, have handwriting that resembles a 5 year old boy's.

Ironic (in the Alanis Morissette sense) that you had Good Friday off and here I am at work on Easter Sunday. I checked Google out to be sure that it was Easter today, but lo and behold there were no egg-shaped O's or bunnies hopping around the G. Perhaps acknowledging a religious holiday is becoming too controversial? Disappointing though, I can usually count on Google for a holiday reminder. I actually had to ask a coworker.

Kudos to Spice for getting BL started on her illustriuos career. I did read her column sometimes in the 'Tonian, although I'm sorry to say I didn't read much else. I have read BL's first book. A good read, and worth the embarassment of displaying a large female ass to any onlookers curious about what I was reading on the airplane.
grrrbear said…
Yeah, the cover always did draw attention when I was reading my copy. I used to get people asking if that was her ass on the cover. Back then I would just be honest and say it wasn't. But now I just tell people that it's mine. That's always good for a funny look.