Feeling burned more than "the" burn

Yesterday I received a packet from a supplier of hardware that contained a DVD of various installation videos, showing how to install various hinges, gate latches, etc from that company. I’m not sure what to expect. But I do consider it to be a bit of a sign of just how insane I have become that I’m actually even considering taking it home and watching it. If I watch it tonight I’ll try to give you all a nice review in tomorrow’s post.

For those who are curious, I did go to the gym yesterday afternoon. However, I was very disappointed to discover that I was not able to get my physical unfitness assessment done. This was because the guy who I talked to yesterday was full of lies and told me yesterday that they would be able to do it that afternoon (Monday). But it turns out that one needs to schedule an appointment for the assessment. I felt violated. But I made the best of it by doing the only piece of exercise that I knew how to use – the treadmill. The last time I actually worked out in the gym I used one of those, so I figured it would be safe for me to do it again. So I did that for a half-hour (with a 12% incline because I’m super tuff!) and then wandered around trying to familiarize myself with how the rest of the equipment worked. But I didn’t really feel that I needed more cardio. So I wandered over to the weights equipment area. This was filled with strange, frightening looking machines that looked like stuff straight out of Dr. Caligari’s closet. I thought about trying to figure them out, but thought better of it since I didn’t really know how much weight was safe to use and how much would snap me in half like one of those unusually long and skinny Cheetos you sometimes find in a bag and wonder aloud how a Cheeto that skinny could have survived the bagging and shipping process without snapping.

In the end, I did some basic stuff with dumbbells that were probably lighter than I could have used. I’m not sore today at all. Oh well, at least I didn’t snap in half.


Sophist said…
The gym to me looks like a people factory where the machines are building people. Like a big assembly line. A person goes from one machine to the next, and the machine adds an arm or tweaks a part. It cracks me up.
Sophist said…
My dad calls the ergometers and other gym devices "torture machines." He tends to stick to jumping rope at home.
Spice said…
Jumping rope is surprisingly good for you - we do a lot of it at my gym (or everyone else does a lot of it while my knee heals). It builds endurance, reflexes, and strength - all at once!

I think Sophist's dad would like my gym - no machines, just old-school things like jumping rope.