I'm like Oprah!

I'm the first to admit that I know nothing about how the internet works. I mean I know the basics but due to my continued evolution into a grownup I just no longer have the time to go in-depth into all the technological advances that make it happen. I'm usually happy to just puddle along emailing friends and perusing my favorite websites without harming those around me. I had heard of things like javascript, wireless routers, etc., but never really paid much attention.

As it turns out, I'm already a victim of this lasseiz-faire attitude I've developed. I've not even been writing this for 6 months and already I've been syndicated! Apparently, companies out there exist to copy and republish various blogs. Including mine! Go figure. I suppose I just sit back and wait for the big checks to start rolling in now that everyone will want to reproduce my nonsensical babble for distribution to the masses. Yep...just waiting for the check...waiting...waiting...nothing yet...tell you what let me get back to you on that.