Leaving' on a jet plane

Wednesday will, sadly, be postless as I am leaving on a 6:30 am flight to Newark airport for a day trip to meet with some suppliers of hinges (including those hinges on laptops that make the screen part hold in any position between fully open and fully closed - I'll bet none of you have ever thought about the fact that there are actual hinges that do this before!).

Anyway. It's going to be a long day driving from Newark out through Connecticut until I fly out of Hartford. But I'm sure I'll have many adventures to share when I get back. Wish me luck that I don't get lost or fall foul of some obscure New England driving laws that we don't have in the midwest.


J.Po said…
Ask those folks how the hell the hinge on my laptop snapped in half. Because of the faulty hinge, my laptop is no longer mobile. Damn hinge people.
grrrbear said…
They probably used a plastic housing to attach it to the screen instead of metal.

Or, alternatively, Dell may simply hate you and want to ruin your life.

Yeah, I'd probably vote for one of those two...