Popularity is fleeting

In the one hour after I posted the post for the day, I had 20 hits on the site. Crazy. And it appears they are almost all random folks just clicking on the "Next Blog" link up in the Blogger bar. A bunch of people from Europe and Western Australia and such. Go figure.

I'm sure this is just a fad and that all will be back to normal tomorrow.


Theo said…
I think there are hot times where that "Next Blog" brings tons of hits.

It's like they only make your blog available for "Next Blog" if you post a new post within a certain window. And it's only available there for a finite amount of time (15 minutes?).

So if you just happen to hit an interval when lots of readers are reading (for example, international readers who are just waking up?), then you get TONS of hits.

I think there's some way to market your new blog entries by adjusting their timing that way... not sure though... And I *THINK* it counts for when you modify a posting to, even if you don't change the post time.

Something to look into... or not.