Oh, lord. No, not you...the other guy.

A quick note on the guy in WV who claims to have changed his name to Jesus Christ.

Wouldn't you get a little paranoid with everyone around you taking your name in vain whenever something bad happens to you?

Carpenter: [Hits thumb with hammer] "Ow! Jesus that hurts!"
WVJC: "Hey, don't blame me buddy!"

Businessman on Street: [Starts to rain] "Oh Christ, not on the day of my big presentation!"
WVJC: "I can't control the weather, dude!"

Saddam Hussein: [In prison] "Jesus H. Christ when are they going to let me see a lawyer!"
WVJC: "Excuse me but my middle name is actually Robert."

Seriously. If you want to show how much you love and respect and have faith in someone, is naming yourself after them really what you think they want? I mean, I love and respect and have faith in my mom, but I'm not calling myself Nancy. What's next? People calling themselves "Chocolate Chip Cookies"? "Hi, my name is Honda Civic." "Aren't you American Tourister's cousin?" "Oh my god! I had a phenomenal first date last night with The Amazon Rain Forest."

Frankly, I'm glad Washington's not letting him change his name. It's the first thing they've done right in that town since the 1990's.