Wow, what a weekend

For those of you playing along at home, I’m in the midst of a two-and-a-half week period of irregular blogging. Not because I’ve lost the love, mind, but rather due to a crazy-busy week of work and multiple trips out of town adventuring.

This weekend, as you all know, I kidnapped the GF and forced her to meet my entire maternal side of the family at a cousin’s graduation. Mom couldn’t make it unfortunately due to her being under the weather, but I had many affirming comments from aunts and grandma, so I’m sure mom’s received multiple endorsements via phone by now.

The real story of the weekend however, was our experiences camping on Sunday night. Rather than drive all the way back into town after the graduation open house, I found us a little campground in a state park where the GF and I could camp out and appreciate nature in all it’s glory.

It turns out that we ended up camping dead in the middle of
Redneck-a-rama 2005. Most of the campsites had 3-5 tents plus a trailer set up and were populated by entire families of mulleticious types – complete with large dogs, pickup trucks and a complete disregard for personal space. It was quite the experience. Once we had ourselves set up we started a fire and proceeded to enjoy the evening. But about 9:30 or so, we were privileged to our own showing of the latest episode of “COPS Live!”. A woman staying in a site down the road started screaming “Taeke back yer rang!” and “SOMEBUDDY CAWL DA COPS!!!!”. Some other fellow at the same site was also yelling, but not loud enough to be heard as clearly. Sensing live entertainment, other campers started walking down towards the site to see the hullabaloo. But knowing that any direct viewing of the events would make us eligible to be called as witnesses, the GF and I chose to hang out and just listen by the fire. By the time the woman was even more insensed, screeching “SEE AWL DESE PEEPUL, DAY’RE HERE LOOKIN’ ACHOO!!”. I tell you, as happy as I was when the cops finally did show up, I was a little disappointed that I missed seeing both of them get cuffed.

Also overheard from various sites in that one 18-hour period:
- “I betchew cain’t shotgun anudder beer!”
- “Yew jes’ watch me!”
- “Hol’ on dere cuz, I’ll raissya!”
- [Sound of beer cans being opened]
- “You boys watch yerselves naugh, remember whenya puked on the van las’ time.”
- [Sound of loud, almost uncontrolled witch-like cackling that then transitioned into a hacking smoker’s cough]

The best part was the next day as we were packing up there was one site across the way that was playing some sort of middle-eastern themed dance music. The rednecks obviously were put off by it, but the GF and I enjoyed it as a sort of “cultured folks send-off” as we were leaving.

The rest of this week I’m scrambling to prepare for Ecuador. We leave this Saturday and won’t get back until the 12th, so I may be rather incommunicado for much of that, but when I get back I should have pictures of:

-Me with a llama
-Me with cruddy facial hair
-Me riding a horse through the jungle

Should be some fun times.

P.S. Yeah,
those losers at Amnesty don’t know anything about human rights abuses…