Before you ride the bike, you gotta fall over a few times

As I was enjoying the last few hours of my weekend, making dinner and watching Animal Planet* I noticed a new commercial for Arby’s new fish sandwiches. Apparently, this was a Super Bowl ad that I missed during a bathroom break or something. Anyway, the plot of the ad is pretty simple. Man is downstairs on couch and is summoned upstairs by his smoking-hot sig-other to find her dressed in sexy satin robe and fishnet stockings – which, naturally, get the man thinking about Arby’s fish sandwiches, thus foiling the woman’s planned seduction. Hilarity ensues. The commercial itself is not bad** but what stuck me to my seat was the fact that I know the smoking-hot woman. In fact, I went out with her once.

All right, all right, it was a blind date. And it was part of a campus-wide blind-date event called “Screw Your Roommate” where your roommate set you up with some random person – usually found by flipping through the facebook for the hottest freshman and then racing to figure out who her roommate was and then setting up the date (called “the screw”) ASAP. I was actually working on a show with her roommate that fall, and she thought I’d be fun and (probably more important) most likely harmless. The date itself was pretty fun, actually. We hung out and talked after the show she was in was over (different from the one her roommate and I were working on) and then went over to a house on campus where you can bake chocolate chip cookies 24 hours a day***. She is fun and charming and despite the fact that we were followed around all evening by a skeezy upperclassman who was stalking her and insisted on “just hanging out with us” all night****. It was once of those life moments I look back on and would have done completely different now that I’m a little more self-assured.

We stayed pretty good friends through school and I’ve seen her a few times since then, at reunion and at My Friend the Novelist’s wedding*****. She’s married now and is (obviously) working in commercials in Los Angeles. It still amazes me to see her on screen though, so far I’ve seen her in ads for Quizno’s, this Arby’s one, and one other one I can’t remember what it was for. I wonder if she’s trying to specialize…is there such a thing as a “fast prepared food niche” for ad work I wonder? In any event, I want to give a shout-out to Fishnet Girl for helping a nerdy guy from MN realize that he is cool enough to even charm the hot girls. If not for that lesson, I might have been too shy to talk to the GF at B.Da’s birthday******. And thank goodness for that.

So, in gratitude, I want all of you to go out and buy Arby’s Fish Sandwiches. Dozens of them! Hurry, before the campaign ends!

* “Animals that have ‘super’ powers”. Cool…
** Lord knows there were some really stupid ads during the Super Bowl. Giant monsters cross-breeding, anyone? Thanks Hummer, there's a mental picture I've been yearning formy entire life.
*** Obviously, a very popular place to bring your screw.
****Obviously trying to seduce her with the old “Look at me! I can grow a full beard! Aren’t I attractive? Validate me!” technique
***** At both of which she mentioned that our Screw Date was one of the most fun dates she had in all four years of school
****** The really weird thing? The GF also did commercials when she was a little kid. She made your younger siblings think Popples were cool and guilt-trip your dad into leaving work to go take you to McDonalds


Spice said…
Okay, now you have to give more details about who in the heck you're talking about, because I can't believe that someone from OAM could actually play a 'hot girl' in something that occurs outside of the Town of Cows, Colleges, and Contentment. We do tend to clean up well post-graduation, but not _that_ well.
J.Po said…
I need a name. Fast.
grrrbear said…
Sure, most folks at OAM were pretty scruffy looking while we were there, but we can clean up well. Hence, why everyone got excited for Midwinter Ball. It wasn't for the dancing, it wa sa chance to check everyone out when they had showered, shaved, and washed their hair.

For those of you interested in figuring out who she is, I will say that she was a cast member of a little-known film found at:

She is one of those people. Let me know if that helps.
grrrbear said…
[Re-posted for TrivTriv due to some needed editing]

I figured it out pretty fast, and now I really need to see this commercial (she also did some ad for shampoo I saw).

[Grrrbear] failed to mention that she was easily among the hottest women at our school. And while I loved her to pieces, she could be a bit of a tease, asking me if I planned to spend senior year "sleeping with everyone you've ever wanted to sleep with."

Ah, memories!

Posted by TrivTriv | February 27, 2006 11:55 AM
Spice said…
Okay, the name is familiar, but I don't think I knew her at all. Or if I did, I don't remember it. Couldn't pick her out of a crowd of one.

I'm guessing she couldn't pick me out of a crowd of one either, but I have discovered that there are people from OAM who knew me even if I didn't know them. At a wedding once there was a fellow alum who, when I started to introduce myself said, "I know you, you're [me]!" And I had to admit that I had no idea who she was. It was embarrassing. Kind of like the time at OAM when I had an extensive conversation with What's.the.Plan.Fran...ces? and then had to pull someone else aside and ask who I was just talking to.

I guess knowing people's names - or even knowing that I know them - is not one of my talents.
The Phoenix said…
What are "Popples?"
grrrbear said…
Popples were a plush toy back in the 80's that could fold into a little ball - tucking itself into a pocket on its backside. Very popular with the kids for about a year or two.
towwas said…
Geez, I leave for ten days and you redesign. Grrr, honey, you're a nice person and all, but I hate reading white text on black background.

I don't think I knew this particular smokin' hot OAM student. But I think we went to school with plenty of hot people. Look at J.Po. She's totally hot.