The dullest post I've ever written

I ended up taking the entire day off yesterday, partially because the electrician was around longer than I thought* and partially because it was a really nice day outside so I took advantage of it to walk around the neighborhood, get some air, and unwind. It was really nice to just take a day to do nothing. Plus I had to do some rearrangement of “what is plugged in where” in the bedrooms, since I think at least part of the problem was that I had two power strips plugged into one outlet.

The worst thing about taking a day off in the middle of the week is having to get up the next morning and go back into work. It’s particularly bad for me because I inevitably stay up way later than usual on days I take vacation, in a desperate attempt to maximize my vacation time. So I end up doing all sorts of stuff that I’d been putting off for weeks – case in point last night I:

  • ironed
  • washed some dishes
  • folded laundry
  • made myself some tea
  • decided that two pairs of pants were too old to wear in public anymore**
  • read some of the latest issue of Businessweek
  • tried to find the new Pink music video***
  • put away guest linens from J.Po and Spice visit
  • updated my iPod software

All told by the time I got to that last one it was after midnight and I was kicking myself. At least I got to sleep in yesterday morning. In general nothing exciting enough happened to warrant blogging about - other than the fact that it wasn't interesting. Don't fret though, tomorrow I'll be back with my usual witty repartee.

* But he wasn’t nearly as expensive as I thought. Plus, now I know how to swap out breakers when they burn out.
** Quick, listen carefully – you might hear cheers coming from South Florida if the GF reads this from the hotel lobby ‘net access terminal.
*** I can’t help it, I like Pink. And that video is pretty funny.


The Phoenix said…
Wow...I wish I could have just one day like that. I would love to just stop running around like crazy and not do too much.