I'm just a pretty face - pretty nerdy, that is

Thanks to Sam Burns, I recently found a neat little web-toy that lets you see which celebrities you most resemble. All you have to do is* upload a picture that shows your face and the software will automatically find the celebrity picture that most matches yours.

My top 5**:

1) Paul Allen
2) Fabio Cannavaro (Italian soccer player)
3) Linus Torvalds (inventor of Linux)
4) Mikhail Gorbechev
5) Augusto Pinochet

Obviously I am a Serpentor-like creation, combining the uber-nerdliest genes with those of former world dictators, and a twist of Italian sports hero for sexiness.

The GF’s top 5***:

1) Rachel Leigh Cook
2) Ashley Judd
3) Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (President of the Phillipines)
4) Rachel Weisz
5) Shakira

Obviously, the GF is a woman genetically engineered for hotness and eventual rule of a small, tropical archipelago.

The funniest one I ran in my albeit brief test-drive was TOWWAS’ favorite picture of General Stonewall Douglas. First off, the software wasn’t even able to find the face on the picture (obviously, too much scruffiness due to the beard). The first time I ran this image through the software, it matched up to Hugo von Hofmannsthal (Austrian writer) and Bashar Al-Assad (president of Syria) before coming up with Michael Douglas. It also matches him to Jerry Garcia (albeit not a very close match).

Man, I can’t wait to try this out at home…

* Well, after you register with the site, but it seems to be a legit geneology site so no biggie
** Selectively, I admit. I ignored some others in there that were either wholly wrong (Emma Watson? Come on, I look nothing like Hermione Granger) or completely unknown to me (if they are not a celebrity to me then they aren’t a celebrity)
*** Similarly edited – the GF looks nothing like Marcia Cross.


Spice said…
That was pretty hilarious. I tried four photos, and the only person who came up twice was Rachel Weisz, which is weird because I look nothing like the GF! I also think the results were highly tied to head position. Anyway, in results that I thought were most accurate (not surprisingly, from the one straight-on head shot I tried), I got:

1. Charlotte Church (hee! but honestly, from the photos, I can totally see it)
2. British aviatrix Amy Johnson
3. Sharon Stone (ha! HA!)
4. Australian actress Miranda Otto
5. Kate Hudson.

It seems that round face/small chin were kind of the defining features in that little group. And it make a lot more sense than the photo that pulled up Mischa Barton _and_ Peter Ustinov!
Spice said…
And I just remembered that my mom always said that the celebrity people said she looked like was Goldie Hawn. So that Kate Hudson thing makes even more sense. I guess we're like their much, much less attractive and much more Scandinavian twins.
glacierman said…
Well, my selected top five are:
1) Rudyard Kipling
2) Dick Fosbury (High Jumper)
3) Hee Sop Choi (Baseball player)
4) Jackie Chan
5) Vannevar Bush (Scientist, no relation to the political family)

I ran my wife through as well, but had to do it twice! First time only a few names came up. So my selected top five for her are:
1) Dianne Keaton
2) Helen Hunt
3) J.K. Rowling
4) Andie MacDowell
5) Nicole Richie

What a hoot!
towwas said…
1. Heather Locklear (because, you see, we both have two eyes and a nose)
2. Ajda Pekkan (who? oh - apparently a turkish pop star)
3. Robin Wright Penn
4. Emma Watson (I can see this - I have kind of prominent eyebrows, too)
5. Sally Field (ha!)
towwas said…
Ouch - when I tried a picture with my glasses on, the top three were men (with glasses) and the next was Diane Keaton. The next was Angelina Jolie, which, I mean, it would be most excellent if I looked like Angelina Jolie, but - well, you've seen me.