Quickie - Robert E. Douglas?

What is up with Michael Douglas?

Is he:

A) Ready to play the role of Robert E. Lee in the upcoming re-enactment of the Battle of Gettysburg?

B) Sick and tired of all the late-night hosts making fun of his plastic surgery so he's hiding behind a mask-o-fur?

C) Being attacked by a small badger?

D) Overcompensating for the erosion of his chin over time?

E) Trying to guarantee that he won't be cast with Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct II due to the potential threat of rugburn?


OleNelson said…
THAT'S the dude married to Catherine Zeta-Jones??? He looks about eleventy-nine years old.
J.Po said…
I'm so scared, I just wet my pants.
Spice said…
Okay, the Robert E. Lee comparison made me laugh out loud. As did 'eleventy-nine.'

I somewhat recently developed a theory that people start to look OLD after they turn 60. This theory was developed after my mom turned 60 and I realized that she suddenly looked way older than she used to (sorry, mom, if you ever read this), although still younger than some other people her age. Anyway, Michael Douglas is 61, so that puts him right in that sweet spot of rapidly developing OLDness. Harrison Ford's been looking pretty crusty as well, and, lo, he's 63. I wonder if Catherine and Calista ever get together and chat about how they didn't realize that their partners were going to rapidly go from hotty Hollywood stars to people who would fit in quite nicely at an Old Country Buffet?

Thankfully we have almost 10 more years of Dennis Quaid yumminess before he begins to look ready for a retirement community.
Grafs said…
A! I love MC!
J.Bro said…
Spice - I always get Dennis and Randy Quaid confused (probably because Dennis sounds like the kind of dorky name Randy would have - why can't it be Thad and Randy Quaid?), and I thought you were referring to Randy and 10 more years of his hot, hot muumuu.
The Phoenix said…
As Zeta-Jones says in those T-mobile commercials of hers..."Get more."
Spice said…
Oh. My. God. The muumuu! I still chuckle heartily when I see it. If you have not witnessed the spectacle that is the muumuu, it's here:


Also, Randy was recently praised for moving beyond the muumuu - you can read about that and the tragedy of being Dennis' brother here:

towwas said…
Dude, would you please post something new so I don't have to look at this damn picture every time I check your blog?