Friday, April 07, 2006

And the wiener is...

Yes folks it’s been another one of those weeks where work has been very very unhelpful to my ability to blog. Actually, it’s been the past two weeks but two weekends ago I was able to “bank up” by starting a bunch of posts all on the same day. Enough to get me through the winter of my work discontent, at least.

And since I’m going out for lunch with an old friend I’m exceedingly limited in my ability to blog today as well, however – I couldn’t pass by an article on meat raffles without commenting.

Frankly, this sounds like hella-fun. It’s a big wheel that everyone buys a ticket for and whoever’s number comes up wins a cut of meat, including the expected cuts of beef and pork but also exotic stuff like shrimp*. In that respect while I’ve never actually attended a meat raffle I can’t help but envision something similar to the “Wheel of Fish” from UHF.

Still I cannot imagine that there would be big slabs of beef staked to the wheel. Not only would the meat go bad** but a particularly enthusiastic spin might end up covering everybody sitting on either side with a cocktail of blood and other various meat juices. But maybe that’s part of the attraction – like sitting in the “poncho section” at Blue Man Group.

Anyway, I’m off to lunch now. The GF is returning tomorrow from a conference in St. Louis and I’m terribly excited. Yes, all you folks down in that area, if your friends claim that they saw Rachel Ray or Rachel Weisz this week, reassure them that it was probably actually the GF, and chastise them for not getting an autograph for you.

* All right all you sniggering left-coasters, shrimp may not sound exotic but in small-town Minnesota most folks consider it sushi because a) it has no recognizable head and b) it still has fins. Only breading them heavily will make them acceptable at parties because then they look more like fish sticks.
** Particularly the “Minnesota Sushi”

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KC said...

I'm in St. Louis but unfortunately didn't see any Rachel Weisz look-a-likes this weekend. Did she get a chance to attend any theatre while she was here? I saw Echo Theatre's production of "The Sugar Syndrome" yesterday. Very interesting.

After all, Elmo seems equally disinterested in both...

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