Hello, my name is grrrbear and I love cupcakes...

I have developed an addiction. The amazing thing is that it has developed in only one day. The place where the GF and I brunched on Sunday (where we saw the live-action Cingular ad) is a combination restaurant and boutique grocery store called the Southport Grocery. The brunch food was okay* but they have phenomenal groceries on the shelves and fantastic baked goods for carryout – including these vanilla cupcakes that are rapidly taking the city by storm (see picture). The unusual thing about them (for me) is that they don’t fill the cup very full at all, thereby eliminating the “muffin-top” and requiring the frosting to fill the remaining space once baked.

As we were leaving, I grabbed five of them and carried them out to meet the GF and our friend H.Co, figuring that way each of us could have one now but the GF and I could save one each for later. But H.Co had, of course bought some for herself, and none of us was really hungry enough to tackle an entire cupcake, having just finished brunch. So I brought them home and put them in the fridge. When the GF and I split one that afternoon I found myself in absolute heaven. I loved them so much that when we split a second one after dinner I went back and snuck another whole one by myself while she was busy being bored by The Three Amigos**. Because of this I’m now convinced that one of the major reasons for the success of said cupcakes is substituting “methamphetamines” for “sugar” in the recipe.

Now, I’m the first to admit that I have a cake problem. It’s really one of the reasons I show up to every wedding I’m invited to. When I was younger and newly-moved-out, I used to bake cakes for myself in my apartment, and then eat them piece by piece over the weekend. Of course, that stopped once I gained the 25th pound – along with my “eat an entire pizza for dinner” dinners. Oh, to have my college-age metabolism back.

Anyway I have already made a pact with myself never to bring home Southport Grocery cupcakes ever again. The good thing is that I have totally cut down my caloric intake today, in expectation of the cupcake I’ll have when I get home. Maybe this will be the new diet craze: the “Pretend There’s a Southport Grocery Cupcake Waiting for you At Home Diet”.

* Honestly, it was a bit frou-frou gourmet for me. In general, I prefer simple, homestyle breakfast stuff to the omlet with cheeses you don’t recognize and pine-nut set.
** Note to guys – apparently this is a “boy movie”…whoda thunkit? I mean, there’s no nudity and even a dance number. Go figure.


Eve said…
Oh Jesus, I love thoxe things too. Evil, but so damn good...