Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Is that a banana plastered across your face, or are you just happy to see me?

Typically, I'm not one to freak out over breakfast food, much less blog about it. But as I walked through the cafeteria this morning, I saw perhaps the curviest banana ever.

I was entranced by the degree of curvature, resulting in a banana that could serve equally well as the head of Mac Tonight or the smile of a cartoonish caricature.

Of course, then it got to be lunchtime. All that remains is either the scalp of a moon-headed jazz singer or the skin off the lips of a two-dimensional clown – depending on which comparison you drew. And neither is very appealing…

…no pun intended.


I Blog, You Blog said...


That's a mighty curvy banana there... mighty curvy indeed. It's happy though. I can respect a happy banana.

Eve said...

If you were REALLY creative... you would have taken a pic of it coming out of your zipper?! ;)

By the way, the equation below was WAY too difficult for this blonde fucktard! ~snicker~