The last of the great, hairy Hollywood hunks commands you to watch!

On the way to see some of the GF’s friends perform at a local jazz club last night, I heard an interview with Tom Selleck on NPR talking about his latest movie. The interviewer mentioned that this was the “third edition of the series”. I was so shocked to hear that Selleck had put out two movies that I’d never even heard of that for a brief moment I seriously considered whether the little nap I had taken that afternoon had lasted for 2.5 years rather than the 2.5 hours I thought it did*.

How had I managed to let down Magnum during a time when he needed me more than ever? I felt awful. Sure, Selleck is one of the rare Hollywood political conservatives, but he’s Magnum for pete’s sake! He gives me week after week of drama, action, and comedy and I don’t even bother to pay attention once he loses the “Friends” gig. Obviously, I am a bad human being.

But then as I heard the rest of the interview, I realized they were just talking about a made-for-tv movie that Selleck has coming out on Sunday for CBS, where he plays Jesse Stone – a big-city cop who moves to a small town but still finds himself getting caught up in crazy adventures. Apparently, the second one also featured Stephen Baldwin. When I learned that I suddenly didn’t feel so bad about missing the first two.

But Magnum, as soon as you hit the big screen again – I got your back.

* Considering how many of my bills get paid automatically these days, it’s not altogether impossible.


The Phoenix said…
I'm not a big Tom Selleck fan, although he was great in that Kevin Kline movie, "In and Out."
miss shirley said…
One man makes tv one watches...repeat...

After he "came out" in support of the NRA I just couldn't stomach that mustache anymore. You know who I loved that I first saw on Magnum PI though? Raul Julia. Ohhhhh, I was so in love with him. Of course he was like 50 and I was 10, and that is really creepy, but whatever. He was HOT.