Who's your daddy!

The GF and I went to brunch with a mutual friend on Sunday, and as we were waiting for a table to open up I noticed a couple dining with a baby. I elbowed the GF and whispered “Look, it’s that Cingular commercial you’re wrong about but in real life!”. She gave me a look, but when she saw them she said “Oh yeah, you’re right!”.

You see, one of the longest-running disputes between us has to do with a commercial that Cingular started airing a few months ago. It basically follows this big important man who wears a trench coat through his day in New York City. He’s very important, going to important meetings with important people, but suddenly he gets a text message from a woman saying “NEED YOU NOW!” whereupon Mr. Important hops in a cab and rushes to the hospital where he discovers the woman, obviously very pregnant. As soon as he arrives, she smiles brightly, obviously thanking her lucky stars that Mr. Important has Cingular for his cellular service. To see it for yourself, go here and click on the link for “Quicktime & Credits: Cingular ‘Workday’ and ‘Triplets’”. Once the little window opens, click the “Cingular ‘Workday’” link at the bottom to play it (Quicktime required).

Anyway, the disagreement involves trying to figure out the relationship between Mr. Important and Ms. Knocked-Up. I said that he was obviously the father of the baby, whereas the GF refused to believe he was anything but Ms. Knocked-Up’s father. Her view was influenced primarily by the age difference between the two, with Mr. Important being significantly older. She was a little disturbed at the thought of the 20-something Ms Knocked-Up sleeping with the late 40/early 50-ish Mr. Important, and couldn’t accept it as reality.

My opinion however, was that since Mr. Important is obviously the target market demographic he must be the father – if for no other reason than to send a message to the other Mr. Important potential customers out there. That message being “Hey! If you use Cingular you’ll get to boink hot chicks who are twenty years younger than you!”.This dispute has been ongoing for some time now, but the incident this morning reminded me. You see the couple we saw was one of our two theories, an older man and younger woman (plus baby) it was hard to tell whether the dude was the woman’s dad or the baby’s dad.

Needless to say, once I returned home properly reminded, I researched it on the web and found comfirmation that yes, indeed, he is that baby’s daddy! And fine, I’ll accept that I was wrong about one thing: she is apparently actually his wife, and not (as I thought) just some chick he was having an affair with.


Ok, I've actually been struggling with that commercial myself. Thanks for clearing it up!!