Behold, the power of media-generated cheese

A men living in Cincinnati who claims to be a vampire is staging a protest against White Castle’s new promotion where customers can top any of the White Castle Sandwiches with “Roasted Garlic Cheese”. The man claims that White Castle has “angered the undead” with the new concoction.

I’m not sure what’s funnier – the fact that this guy is actually protesting a White Castle or that he hired a public relations firm to write a press release to get the story out. It almost makes me wonder if it isn’t just a ploy by White Castle itself to get some free viral publicity, knowing that such a silly story would instantly get picked up by the blogosphere. I say this because the man’s name isn’t given, and the release specifies which White Castle will be the target of the particular protest.

And let’s face it, if a restaurant’s use of garlic as an ingredient truly filled the undead with a boundless rage, wouldn’t Olive Gardens across America currently be under siege in a scene reminiscent of a Romero film?

It also seems that Vampires in general are more occupied with running for office these days than raging against the garlic cheese machine.


towwas said…
So what you're saying is, it is not, in fact, media-generated. It's corporate-generated.
--The Media
grrrbear said…
Actually, I guess I started out implying it was moron-generated, but ended up sliding into your plain-jane corporate pigginess. Taking advantage of the pure-as-the-driven-snow media for it's nefarious ends.

Obviously, a science writer would've seen right through this, which is why it's probably not going to be in the next issue of your publication - right?
towwas said…
Yeah, I wouldn't look for that in the august pages of [my publication]. We don't do funny so much. (sigh)