You never think a wedding could be so risky

The holiday weekend was sort of a yin-yang weekend. I spent much of my time either out with friends or hiding out, Howard Hughes-like, in my condo trying to avoid the heat which has gone from “balmy spring” to “trying to kill off humanity” in a period of a couple days. And considering I had to get dolled up in a suit for a wedding on Saturday I’d had more than enough heat and stuffiness to last the entire weekend.

The wedding itself was still totally worth it. It was a friend of mine from work who has since left to go to graduate school at a local seminary. She is pretty much the nicest person I have ever met - compared to her I am the incarnation of evil on earth, preparing to unleash my armies of heckspawn upon all of mankind. The ceremony was really truly beautiful, but the best thing was to see her be so excited to get married to her fiancé. You could read it on her face during the entire ceremony, and it manifested itself most obviously during the exchanging of rings.

As the groom prepared to put the ring on my friend’s finger, she was so giddy with anticipation that she offered him her right hand instead of her left. The groom of course, didn’t notice, and only a last-minute switch on my friend’s part* kept the marriage from not being legal.

Good thing too, because it would have created all sorts of problems down the road. Not only would she be getting hit on constantly, right in front of her husband** but there would be awkward questions once the kids got older***.

Whew…so close…

* Once she realized her mistake
** “What do you mean you’re ‘married’? You’re not wearing a ring!”
*** “Mommy, why are you and daddy living in sin?”


towwas said…
You have an army of heckspawn? Sweet!

That ring thing happened at T.Go and A.Can't-Remember-His-Last-Name-But-He's-Married-To-T.Go's wedding. I don't know if they both did or just T.Go, but anyway, it was pretty amusing. And nobody caught it during the ceremony, either.