The first singles bar for America's youth

At work last week a friend of mine mentioned how his son had a lock-in at school as part of the end-of year activities. This brought back fond memories of lock-ins at my high school. We had two of them – one for new years and the other the weekend after graduation. Ostensibly, the intent of both was to keep us kids out of trouble and away from alcohol so we didn’t wrap ourselves around a tree at high speed. They were one of the most fun times I had in high school for two reasons: first being that there was no drunk people* and second that all the hot girls in school were there for me to flirt with.

Yes, I was an incorrigible flirt in high school. While I never actually figured out how to date girls until college, flirting was something I mastered at an early age. This was the best part about lock-ins – you could go around and flirt with girls you liked for a few minutes and then move onto a different girl once girl #1 was distracted by some of her friends or was next up at the dunk tank. It was a perfect practice field for a teen-about-town such as myself to hone my “skillz” and was really the biggest reason I went to these events to begin with.

This then, is why I was so shocked when my friend told me his kid went to an all-boys school. Hanging out with chicks was the whole raison d’etre for me to attend, so the idea of attending a single-sex lock-in made as much sense to me as going surfing in Lake Michigan. I suppose it could be done, but why would you want to?

* Me being a complete teetotaler until I actually turned 21 – shocking, I know.


J.Bro said…
10 hours of noogies, swirlies, and purple nurples - that's what it sounds like to me. Or cannibalism.