Meatastic weekend

This weekend was Pride weekend in Chicago. Typically not a big event for heteros like myself, but it's so big in the area around Wrigleyville and Boystown that anyone in the neighborhood can't help but get caught up in the energy and excitement. Driving through it was a bit confusing because all the parking lot flaggers were out in force, prompting me (initially) to wonder why, knowing that the Cubs were out of town this weekend.

For example, the GF and I overheard the following conversation between an obviously straight couple coming to visit friends who were a gay couple:

Straight Woman: "Hi guys!"
Gay Man #1: "Hey, you made it! Good to see you!"
Straight Man: "Yeah, and we got you a present! I know this is, like, your Christmas, so we got you combination bumper stickers and postcards, see? Look!"
Gay Man #2: [Reading] "I only drive straight..."
Straight Man: "Isn't it great? You can put it on you car, or you can send to a friend to put on their car!"

Now, that just seems like someone's trying just a wee bit too hard. To their credit, it didn't seem to phase the gay couple one bit. Something tells me they've had this happen before, maybe it was their parents.

The GF invited me to a pre-pride parade BBQ her church was throwing in the neighborhood on Saturday, where I went to eat her share of meat and be a charming and entertaining date*. It was fun, I hung out and met some really interesting people. While I was chatting with the GF and her friend C, we suddenly noticed this guy out on the sidewalk shouting random stuff at the folks at the BBQ. At first, we thought he was going off against the gay-friendly church, but his rant involved weird non-sequiteurs like Satan and tractors. We listened for a while, but he never started making any more sense, and there was fresh-baked fruit tart to eat...

Then, on Sunday, the GF took me to a lamb roast that folks she met through work. They throw this big party in the back yard of their apartment complex every year, and yes - they rotisserie an entire lamb. It was the first time I've ever actually witnessed** something actually roasted on a spit. Plus, I learned that while some people may think that Blue Moon beer tastes the same as bologna - it really doesn't...but "they pair well", as the sommelier in attendance pointed out. So now you all know what beverage to serve the next time you make bologna sandwiches for a dinner party.

Who says this blog isn't educational?

* A role I absolutely love doing. Plus, free meat!
** And eaten, for that matter


Eve said…
I spent Pride Weekend in Wrigleyville a few years back. Have to say... biggest blast EVER?! Pics next time... pics!!!