Friday, June 30, 2006

Portuguese music cures the sick...I did not know this

Last night I accepted a last-minute invite* to go see a free concert with Seu Jorge at the Pritzker Pavillion in Milennium Park. The show allegedly started at about 6:30 but it semed like it had only just begun when we finally got there an hour later.

On the way into the park, I think I saw a friend of the GF's on his way out. It was one of those weird experiences where you think you recognize someone and he looks at you as though he vaguely recognizes you too, but by the time you both realize who the other person was, you've passed by too far to turn around and say hello without looking silly. Needless to say, I left a voice mail at the GF's work number to apologize if it was indeed him. Of course, if it wasn't then no harm, no foul.

The concert itself was great, some because the music was upbeat and fun, some because the city is beautiful as afternoon fades into evening, and partially because we got to watch as the audience of wine-sipping, cheese eating young professionals turned into a crowd of sloppily dancing hippies. Swaying back and forth erratically with occasional twitches. I actually saw one women who seemed incapable of moving more than one arm at a time. She would dance with one arm spasming wildly for about 5 mintues, then switch over to the other one. It wasn't until the very end of the concert that she was seen to be moving both arms at the same time, swooping them both around in grand arcs as the concert came to a close. I can only assume that the music of Seu Jorge moved her so much that she was miraculously healed of whatever degenerative muscular/nervous system disease she was suffering from.

All told it was a great night for a Thursday. Now, I'm off to Wrigley Field for the Cubs/Sox crosstown classic. Maybe I'll have pictures of the brawl, if there is one!

* All right, so I accepted a date after Wednesday - the rules girls can bite me.


towwas said...

Damn you people who live in cities that Seu Jorge is touring to! (I believe the Po saw him recently, too.) He's not playing in D.C. Bastard.

towwas said...

And he's not Portuguese, he's Brazilian. :P

Spice said...

He played here a few days ago, but it was pretty pricy and I didn't realize that it would be such an experience!

Grafs said...

I get that all the time with the passing people I think I recognize. It doesn't make it any easier that I'm essentially blind and refuse to wear my glasses :)

Jennifer said...

you wonder, are all those dancers trying on new personality outfits? or is that really who they are, and it's seu jorge who brought it out of them?

(see: liz armstrong's article on swinging parties in the reader this week... particularly the last third of so of the article.)


KC said...

Sounds like another great concert! There was once a time when I would have danced at a concert, but alas, those days are gone. I will, however, dance when alone or after having too much caffeine. Too much caffeine brings on a craving for funk music. Watch out for me then!

J.Po said...

Seu Jorge = MOST FUN EVER! I give them extra kudos for playing for free. When I saw them, Brazil had just won a soccer (football) match, so they were extra pumped.