Thursday, June 01, 2006

Quickie - the end of an era

I just heard that the actor who plays Juan Valdez is retiring after 37 years playing one of television’s most iconic figures. In a way I’m a little sad, because let’s face it – there’s not a lot of characters from the commercials of my youth still around. It’s going to be like losing a security blanket.

When I was of prime ad-target age, I was pretty ambivalent about coffee in general. My parents didn’t drink it at all, so I viewed it with the same suspicion that I did alcohol, tobacco, and those magazines in the plastic bags that they sold behind the counter at the U-Save convenience store on the corner. I figured that if my parents didn’t consume it, it either would kill me or it must have tasted horrible*

So here’s to you, Carlos Sanchez – they may be announcing your replacement by June 30th, but you’ll always be the only Juan Valdez to me.

* I mean, my mom regularly consumed cauliflower – if she could tolerate that yuk-stuff and ask for seconds, I didn’t want to imagine what something that tasted bad enough for her not to eat would do to my sensitive taste buds

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miss shirley said...

You know who else is gone? Mr. Wipple, the guy who told us not to squeeze the charmin. Time marches on...