Testicles and prostates don't belong on your resumé

Recently, I met up with my good friend H.Co for brunch. I always look forward to brunches with her because our conversations generally range over a broad range of topics. This time we ran the gamut from the new guy she’s dating to whether breast cancer is overblown these days. While we both agreed that it was, I pointed out that while each gender has its own gender-specific cancers that only that gender pays attention to*, men’s love of boobs makes us just as big a supporter of breast cancer as women are. And I think it’s just as hard to get men behind ovarian cancer as it is to get women excited about testicles – neither make for great ad copy like boobs do.

After a lovely brunch of breakfast burritos at Lula’s, we went to Target since H.Co needed to return some things and I needed to buy some new razor blades before going back to work. I also took advantage of the opportunity to pick up some new casualwear shirts, since I only have about 2-4 that are remotely acceptable for summer wear. Given that the GF has helped teach me about fashion over these many months, I took advantage of the opportunity to practice buying my own clothes, while still having the ‘safety net’ of a fashion-forward female around to keep me from doing any lasting damage. I came away with five shirts that I picked out myself. I felt pretty darn good about myself, too.

I thanked H.Co for her assistance, prompting the following conversation:

H: Oh it’s nothing, it’s one of those things that we women are really good for, you know.
G: Really? You all do this as a sort of charitable outreach program?
H: Pretty much, small amount of work but society as a whole sees big benefits.
G: It must be nice to have a gift like that you can share with the world…
H: Sure, but it’s one of those things women are really good for.
G: That, and boobs.
H: Yeah, boobs and a gift for shopping.
G: Those are pretty good assets to have, you know.
H: Maybe I should re-do my resumé…

In gratitude, I introduced H.Co to the beauty of Archer Farms private label Target food** and together we discovered that our neighborhood Target now sells wine – including mysterious Target-brand boxed wine and regular bottled versions, like a bottle called “Menage-a-Trois” which is apparently intended to be enjoyed with two friends. So I’m saving it for a special occasion.

Now, off to sample a glass of my Archer Farms "Peach and Pear Italian Soda". Mmmmm!

* Prostate and testicular cancer for men, ovarian and cervical for women
** Did you know that they private label milk now, too? Sheesh, where does it end?


towwas said…
One story I've heard about why you hear so much about breast cancer these days is that a lot of breast cancer isn't fatal. So there's tons and tons of survivors out there. Ovarian cancer, on the other hand, is much more deadly. So, not as many survivors to run around in pink t-shirts (or whatever color ovarian cancer has claimed) getting attention and research funding.

Dunno if it's true, but seems like it could be part of the issue. (Perhaps even more importantly, breast cancer is also way more common.)
J.Bro said…
TOWWAS - that doesn't make any sense at all. I tried to organize a sinus infection charity 5k ("Runny Noses"), and even though there are millions of survivors, it was a complete failure.
Spice said…
I would participate as a survivor in Runny Noses! I'd be happy to talk about the mild annoyance of having to have Kleenex handy 24/7. I recently washed/donated my coats and jackets and realized I had a packet of Kleenex stashed in just about every one.
towwas said…
Nasal steroids, my friends. Nasal steroids.
Theo said…
I was in an engineering (i.e., mostly male) organization in college that formed a team to play in a soccer match where proceeds went (we thought) to help fund breast cancer reseearch... We were introduced to this idea (playing soccer for research) by one of the few female members of the group, who also was a "high ranking" member of the local SWE chapter (Society of Women Engineers).

During the meeting that happened after the match, one of the guys playing on the team was asked to give an update on how we did. He explained that we were playing for breast cancer research and blah blah... At that point the woman who got us involved with it put on a really funny face and stopped him.

Apparently it was all for Children's Hospital or some similar child-related research.

For some reason (maybe because one of the only women in the room was the one who got us involved?) everyone thought it was for breast cancer, and we were okay with that.

Anyway, it was an awkward moment, because clearly those who got involved with playing soccer only had soccer and boobs on the brain...
Spice said…
I can't use nasal steroids - they expand the already rosacea-expanded blood vessels on the skin of my nose. In less graphic terms, they could make my nose permanently red.

Sigh. Everytime I see a Flonase ad, I remember how sweet that stuff was
The Phoenix said…
Target brand milk????