I almost considered sticking with my original flight, but she was seated 8 rows in front of me

There is almost nothing like being off work for two weeks* to completely mess up a guy's entire routine. I blogged about this before with regard to the state of my apartment, but mercifully my cleaning lady comes tomorrow and will hopefully put all in order. no, I'm talking about life in general. With the weird schedule my available time for even reading up on the blogroll has been limited. Trust that I'll get caught up over the weekend, at least until my cousins come out on Sunday.

Yes, it's the first of a string of weekend hosting or travel weekends, either guests in town** or family or traveling for fun weddings! Thank goodness I have a laptop now for road-blogging or I would have dropped of the face of the earth.

The trip back today was actually great. I managed to get an available seat on an earlier flight, so I got back home around 7:00 rather than the 8:30 I was originally scheduled for. My only concern was while waiting to board in the gate area, I was faced with the most annoying, self-centered drama queen woman ever.

Surrounded by 4-5 of her subjects, this woman was proceeding to very loudly give her "opinion" of just about every human being she worked with, most of them male, and essentially her opinion was that they took up valuable space and should be killed. It didn't matter whether the guy was some other woman's husband, or just some schmuck she worked with. Typically this would bother me so much but she was *so* loud about it one couldn't help but overhear everything she said. Eventually I had to run away to the airport bar just to escape from this harpy. I'm sure she didn't mind***.

I already miss my comfy bed.

* Well, practically. Excepting one day in the office on Monday and one today
** Who are oddly all coming into town on Sunday night and leaving in the middle of the week
*** Or even notice for that matter, since I was trying very hard to ignore her and therefore wouldn't register on her "people paying attention to me" meter.