I'm being watched!

The hotel room where I'm staying during my time here in Cleveland is quite possibly the nicest hotel room I have ever stayed in. It's about 1000+ square feet with 1.5 bathrooms*, a breakfast nook, main living area, and a bed large enough to land carrier aircraft on that is also pretty darn comfortable.

All told, this sounds like a pretty good deal. Indeed - I sent a breathless email to the GF yesterday afternoon describing all the amenities. But after half a day here I can safely assess some aspects of this sort of lifestyle that are not as cool as one would think. For example, almost everything is controlled from the bedside telephone: including the lights, the thermostat, the TV or music**, the fireplace (in winter), etc. The telephone also acts as the alarm clock, but the alarm itself seems to be designed to be the most annoying tone created by man. It actually caused me physical pain to wake up this morning. Now, that may be the point, but still...ow.

The other thing that is a little creepy is that the room itself seems to be reading my mind. Just last night as I was falling asleep I was sort of annoyed that there wasn't a radio I could wake up to. Typically, my need for an NPR fix is strongest when I wake - but without a clock radio it wasn't going to happen. So after being yanked from slumber by the torture phone/alarm I turned on the TV from the phone - but instead of the TV turning on, suddenly I heard the familiar tones of Morning Edition wafting from the speakers.

A pleasant surprise, yes - but also a little frightening. Sort of like the motion detector in my room that no doubt tells management when I'm not there and they can send folks to do maid service or turn down the bed.

Also, no promised-for free muffin this morning. All work today and no breakfast might make Grrrbear a cranky boy.

* The one of which is larger than my living room back home, with a tub large enough to do laps in.
** Which is piped into every room, thus allowing you to listen to the TV show that is on in either the bedroom or any of the bathrooms, too.


KC said…
Wow! What kind of job do you have that sends you off to stay in luxury hotel rooms? I want a job like that. I don't even have a window in my cubicle here at work.
J.Po said…
They have a hotel like that in Cleveland?!?!?!?
grrrbear said…
Well, this particular hotel is out in the 'burb where my branch is located. Typically it's pretty pricey, but I think we get a pretty good discount for all the business we give them every time someone stays here for work.

BTW, I just returned from dinner to find that the turn-down service had already turned on the radio to piblic radio again and laid out the robe I tried on the night before on the bed. All this in addition to turning down the bed and placing the requisite chocolate on my pillow.