Nobody is allowed over to my house right now

After ten days off work I have returned to work with my life in some level of disarray. There is something about taking this much time off of a regular routine that has transformed my typically organized condo into a state not seen since the “I'll play Legos and Star Wars whenever and wherever I want over a period of several weeks until I forget what I was playing” phase of my elementary school years. In those days, the only requirement about my room was that there be a clear path between my bed and the door so my parents could come in and wake me up in the morning. The rest of my room would slowly fill with young-boy entertainment detritus until my room was ankle-deep in toys and junk – not unlike the trash compactor scene in Star Wars*.

After returning from the funeral on Saturday, I managed to avoid this problem my staying at the GF's house – but I had to come home eventually to face the problem of desperately needing to organize myself tonight. It needs to be done tonight because I leave for Cleveland on Tuesday morning and fear that if left to its own devices, the mess in my place will achieve sentience and overthrow the established order when I get back Thursday evening. And besides, my cleaning lady is coming Friday morning and I don't want her to think I've suddenly developed an affinity for the Pig-Pen lifestyle.

My time in Cleveland will probably be pretty uneventful. There reportedly hasn't been that much that has changed since I moved away five years ago, and on top of that I'm staying in a totally cushy hotel about a mile away from where I'll be working**. If I'm lucky, it'll have free wireless so I'll still have 'net access and blogging ability. If I'm not then I'll just post everything when I get back on Friday night.

* Except without the unidentified liquid and bug-eyed, tentacled monster capable of hiding under only 4 inches of water
** The big project for work I was working on in May? Yeah – now we're taking it on the road and it's my turn to present to our Cleveland branch


J.Po said…
Give a big shout out to Cleveland for me!
Eve said…
I addressed you on my blog ;)