Quickie - Somewhere, Mr Rogers is crying

Oh for the love of God. WTTW, my local public television station that I love dearly, is adding Mancow as a "commentator" to it's nightly news and public affairs show. Apparently, they view this as a "neat" way to draw a new audience with a different demographic.

What, they couldn't get broadcasting rights for WWE RAW? Spike TV had already snapped up all the reruns of crazy Japanese television game/prank shows? The internet already has all the porn?

You'd better believe that WTTW is going to hear about this from yours truly...I have connections.


towwas said…
Am I supposed to know who that is?
grrrbear said…
All right, fair point TOWWAS. Mancow was a morning "shock-jock" DJ who started locally on the Q101 station here but got picked up in limited syndication. Think Howard Stern wannabe.

Basically, I've loathed him ever since I moved back to Chicago to find he had replaced my favorite morning team of Wendy and Bill. They were funny. Mancow is just an ass.
KC said…
I don't know who that is, but from reading your later comment, I see that he is a shockjock. I really despise those types of personalities. I refuse to listen to them.

How disappointing for you.
Theo said…
For more info, check out Wikipedia: Mancow.

Personally, I think the Wikipedia page is far too gentle.