Quickie - Soooo tie-tie

Well, I did make it back from the L&B Crazy Fun Nuptials(TM) this morning and made it into work for a half day of what may have been the least productive afternoon ever.

Was dancing and cavorting and playing and laughing and driving until well past my usual bedtime on both Saturday and Sunday...

The end result? I'm about as tired as...well...this.

Exciting stories 2-morrow when I've rested up.


Spice said…
When I was at TJ's today, I felt like an absolute zombie. When I turned in the car and realized that I'd driven 1850 miles since Saturday morning, I realized part of the reason why.

So. Very. Tired.

But table 11 rulez 4eva!

Ok, right, first, I'm really sorry that you're tired...

...but that's the cutest kitten in the world! *giant collective awwwww*

towwas said…
Oh my GOD that cat is cute, and yay fun nuptials!