Shopped 'til I dropped

For the GF's birthday on Sunday I took her out to a big flea market in a little town west of the city. Well..."big" is an understatement - this thing was the size and scope of the entire economy of Trinidad. Building after building chock full of vintage costume jewelry, old records, antique everythings, and various knick-knacks and crafty things carved out of wood and molded out of soybean wax with unusual scents like "cake" and "bee farts"*.

For a veteran garage sale/thrift shop junkie like the GF - this was pretty much the greatest shopping experience ever. She bounced from booth to tent to shed, tunnelling through the crap to find some real gems - not unlike Scrooge MacDuck swimming through his money bin. She found some neat vinyl albums**, a hair scarf***, and a Bakelite Bracelet. Even I got into the act, walking away with a birthday/Hannukah gift for My Friend and his Crazy New York Show. But even with spending wbout 3 hours there, we didn't cover even a third of all the vendors - so I think we'll have to head back out there, perhaps the next time my mom is in town.

But the birthday extravaganza wasn't finished! After getting some dinner and picking up some new shoes at Famous Footwear, we went to Marshall's. This was fun for her because my summer wardrobe is still fairly offensive to anyone with any fashion sense. The GF took it as her personal mission to rectify this situation. So we managed to pick up a few casual shirts for me and when we got back to my place afterwards she tore into my closet like a vengeful barbarian horde - winnowing out 9-year old polo shirts and pretty much my entire Eddie Bauer collection. It wasn't pretty, but then again - neither were the shirts.

* It smelled like honey which was pretty funny, actually
** But she was strong enough to walk away from the "Colonel Sanders Christmas Album"
*** She got her hair trimmed short for the summer, and only believes she can wear hair scarf-stuff with short hair. she was so excited to see the bowl-o-scarves, I thought she was going to dive in.


Theo said…
I think you missed the *** footnote. :(
The Phoenix said…
You took her shopping?

Wow, that's commitment.
J.Po said…
Um...I think we need to skip the marital festivities later this month and hit the flea market instead!
grrrbear said…
Oh yeah, thanks for the head's up Theo!
Grafs said…
I love flea markets for the military items. I collect WW2 stuff and found a swell pair of US issue overshoes. Hunting for stuff is the best part.
Eve said…
Love adore, live for flea markets. It's the Antique Scavenger Whore in me.

Love the knick knack crap. Loves it!!!