What a weekend...

On Saturday, the GF took me out to a concert featuring Peaches, Bauhaus, and Nine Inch Nails at an outdoor venue in the south suburbs. I've seen Nine Inch Nails before, but Peaches and Bauhaus were also really good. In general it was an excellent concert, made even better by the fact that the GF figured out a back way to get out - so we were able to get back to our car and out of the parking lot before most of the other folks had figured out how to get out. I was in *awe* - just when I finally think I have a pretty good picture of all the cool things she can do, she pulls out this heretofore secret inner Lewis & Clark navigation ability. It was cool.

The best part of any show featuring these groups these days however is the people watching. Sure, there was a representative sample of the Goth kids in all their overly-eyelinered glory, but increasingly there are also increasing numbers of frat boys and their trixie girlfriends - lured from their homes in Lincoln Park and the 'burbs by memories of doing kegstands to "Closer". While I respect their enthusiasm, they usually don't quite understand the fundamentals of rock concert etiquette.

Two excellent examples of this were sitting a few rows down from us. Guy on the right regularly raised his fists to acknowledge how much Trent Reznor rocked - but except with the usual "devil horn" rock sign, he kept using the "Richard Dawson I-Love-You at the end of Family Feud" sign. His buddy on the left spent most of the concert using his hands to give Trent the bird(s). And honestly, what better way to express your admiration and appreciation for an artist than by flicking him off for most of the show!?

We felt a little better knowing that most of the Chads and Trixies had been suckered into paying $12 for a margarita "yard" that really contained about a foot of actual liquor - slightly less than what was in the $8 "regular" size. And we both felt a lot better watching the free condom samples* being blown up and bounced around among the crowd. Apparently they weren't allowing beach balls in at the gate. Just goes to show that you can't keep American ingenuity down!

** That people dressed as Trojan Man were handing out more or less everywhere you went.


KC said…
That sounds like a great concert. A fellow local blogger recently posted about seeing Bauhaus/NIN also. This makes me feel old as I was listening to Bauhaus in the 80's and Peter Murphy solo albums in the early 90's. Jeez. Where does the time go?
J.Po said…
NIN is headed to town this weekend. Jiggity will be in attendance while I entertain Mr. and Mrs. Po, of the generation above.