The girls aren't wild, they're just desperate for attention

As much a fan of free speech as I am, reading this article in the LA Times on “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis makes me think he’s taking it just a bit too far. Frankly, I think that if a large dog bit off his wang society would be a lot better off. Bonus points if his nads suffered permanent collateral damage that rendered him unable to reproduce and eliminated his libido.

Hopefully this article will help shut down the GGW empire which has long outlived it’s 15 minutes of fame. Of course, America will probably just move on to the next titillation-inducing fad is that will come down the road – Vegetables Gone Wild! It’ll have all the sauciness of GGW, but with way funnier dialogue:

“Hey baby, nice tomatoes! Are they hybrids?”
“Nope, they’re 100% organic!”

“Oh Trixie, you’ve got the body of a birch tree”

“Wow Bobby, your squash is so firm!”

"I'm a dirty little carrot! Woooooo!!!!!"

Not to mention all the storylines involving and entirely new angle on the groundskeeper coming over to “tend the garden”.


towwas said…
Ick. That is one gross dude. But since people seem to like buying his sex videos, I don't see the empire going away any time soon.
RWA said…
That whole organization is sleazy. They came to a club where I worked a couple of years ago, and even the people who work for him look sleazy.

I can't believe that all of these women, in all of these videos, have been of age - especially with all of the complaints that have been raised against this guy over the years.

But, he has become a millionaire by exploiting society's obsession with young, naked women.
Oddly, I feel equally disturbed by the vegetables...

Wow. Things not to read at work.
grrrbear said…
Yeah, honestly, I felt the same thing when I saw this link for hte first time at work yesterday. On the one hand I was like "What if someone sees me looking at this?" but on the other hand I told myself "Hey, it's just vegetables, right?"
I think it answers the question though "when is a vegetable not just a vegetable..." (when it's shaped like a ____!!!!)