Grrrbear's Job Search Tips, Ch 1 - Know what *not* to know

You know when you’re looking over someone’s resume for them? Do you ever read those little “about me” bullet points at the end where they give little nuggets about their personalities in a desperate attempt to appear human? I ran across one today where the person listed the following item:

  • Lifestyles of the rich and famous as detailed in People, In Touch, and US Weekly


Good lord…

Frankly, I blame VH1. With all their endless programming that centers around the minutia of celebrity life and trivial details about pop culture* the youth of today has somehow come to believe that all that stuff actually matters. So much so that companies looking to hire people will want to hire people who are up to date on the latest developments in Paris Hilton’s sex life or which third world country Brangelina is visiting this week**.

Yeah…not so much.

* e.g. “I Love the 80’s/90’s/70’s”, “Best Week Ever”, “Celebrity Fit Club” and the rest of the Celebreality gang
** BTW, has anyone heard from Maddox or the-other-adopted-kid-whose-name-nobody-can-remember lately? Ever since Shiloh’s been born it’s like they fell off the face of the planet, or went to go play with Suri Cruise and never came back.


Spice said…

And I have run into this issue in thinking about my own impending job search. Like, one of my interests is "pop culture," but that doesn't sound as good as "triathlons" or "fine wine" or something like that. Thankfully we don't put that stuff on our CVs, but in conversation I think my interests will become "music, film and cooking" (which thankfully are actual interests of mine) and "Celebrity Fit Club 4!" will have to remain submerged.
J.Bro said…
Maybe - and I'm just throwing this out there - she is rich and famous, and her lifestyle was detailed in various magazines. But you're right - then why would she be looking for a job? Even if she was in the spotlight 20 years ago, the post-celebrity market on cable is pretty hot right now.

I hear Brangelina are sleeping in separate beds. Let's keep spreading that rumor.
KC said…
When I first read this post, I thought you were implying that she had been the object of the LifeStyles of the Rich & Famous coverage, not that she was interested in other people's coverage. ha! That might have made for some interesting interview questions: "So, just what is it that makes Robin Leach interested enough to put you on one of his episodes?"
The Phoenix said…
Wow...I'm going to assume she didn't get the job.

Now if someone put "telekenetic spoon bending," that would grab my attention.
RWA said…
Just when you think you've seen it all. That's incredible.

And, they saw Brangelina are sleeping in separate beds (and rooms) because the mom wants to be close to the baby - and the dad needs his beauty rest.

Go figure...